Red Snow, Gold Clouds

Red Snow, Gold Clouds is an international thriller rooted in the bloody conflicts of old and new Russia, on a quest for lost Czarist Imperial gold.┬áThe last act of Andrew’s murder grandmother is to forward him a diary of clues and maps. He unravels his legacy of Russian aristocracy, love, and betrayal only to find himself hunted as well. With the Siberian syndicate breathing down his neck, Andrew is joined by the young historian Katya, heir to the gifts of her Buryat shaman ancestors, and wild child Volodya, a brilliant hacker who penetrates government and criminal systems at will. Their mission takes them through the stark beauty of Lake Baikal and the Taiga, where unexpected allies emerge from the depths of Russian history and the mystic vitality of the landscape itself. When the explosive confrontation with their enemies arrives, it reveals a chain reaction of vengeance and betrayal whose outcome none of them can predict or control.


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Red Snow, Gold Clouds

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