Red Snow, Gold Clouds is a collaborative effort with her daughter Anna Baker, and her husband Dr. Harold Baker.

Marianna Baker is a Russian-born novelist living in California. She has worked as multimedia digital designer, art director, creative director, and social media community manager for the entertainment and online gaming industries.

Dr. Baker was a professor in the Department of Russian Literature and Languages at the University of California, Irvine. Dr. Baker holds a PhD degree in Comparative Literature from Brown University and a BA degree from Hobart College.

Anna Lublina (Baker) bases her work on the history of performance and conceptual art history but also on ideals of collective, community based work. She has worked with the Ping + Chong Theatre Company, Meredith Monk, the Wooster Group, the Motor Company, Built for Collapse, Bread and Puppet, and Errantes in Bogota, Colombia. Currently she working as a General Manager for Meredith Monk foundation in New York.

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